Identity Management – A Guide To Understanding Threats, Concerns, And Security Risks

Data breaches are happening everywhere today across the world in one form or other. Well, this may make you even more concerned about the confidentiality and security of your organizations’ data.

You might be thinking that who in your organization can access which things across your systems and applications, right? You are always at risk of data exposure regardless of whether it is concerned with the security of a small, medium, or huge organization. Read on to know what the means through which the people can threaten or violate the security of your organizations’ data and how IDM security can play a critical role here.

Understanding exposure points

There can be in-house as well as external users that can access the data and system of any business. These users can include contractors, employees, suppliers, vendors, customers, and partners.

If the volume of users is too large and there are different levels of the data access, then it is obvious that the organization requires managing an ample of points of access, isn’t it? These access points can sometimes become exposure outlets easily. Even if one point is compromised, the organization may have to suffer the damage of millions.

Securing identities is crucial

Ensuring security of user identities is everything. Organizations today must focus on adapting as well as securing identities since they are their best asset along as well as greatest threat at the same time.

To achieve it, the security program of every organization must have identity management as the core of it. After all, identities are more prone to be targeted. Proper focus must be kept on all systems to which all the users connect regardless of whether they are in-house or on-premises or cloud based. If the IT department has all the required information, then it can really be helpful to make right decisions.

Human factor

Today, just ensuring network security is not enough. The perimeter which previously held the information safe has already been eroded. Rather than just SQL injections and brute force attacks, today intruders have taken social engineering as main attacking vector. In fact, phishing emails as well as other such means with the help of which people release information are also greatest threat to most of the organizations today.

Make sure to keep identity at core of your organizations’ security infrastructure. It will ensure protection of your crucial data and information.

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