Need Large And Hollow Plastic Parts? Rotational Molding Is Your Option!

Plastic manufacturing dates back to 1800s, and since then, a wide range of techniques have used to create varied kinds of plastic products. When it comes to creating hollow objects, some of the traditional plastic molding techniques are not viable for large-scale commercial production. That’s exactly where rotational molding fits in the picture. Also called rotomolding, rotational molding is used mainly for creating large, hollow plastic parts. In this post, we take a look at this plastic molding technique and how you can place an order.

How does rotational molding work?

To make plastic products using rotational molding, liquid resin or powder is placed in a metal mold, which is then rotated in an oven. As a result, the liquid covers the entire inner surface of the metal mold, taking its shape. The rotational activity ensures that the product has even walls. Once the mold has cooled, the final plastic product is taken out.

The pros and cons

Experts and manufacturers agree that rotational molding is a better choice than standard injection molding, mainly because there is very little wastage of material in the process. In fact, the excess of material can be reused again, which makes rotational molding a more environment-friendly solution, as well. Also, this technique can be used for making a wide range of products, especially hollow parts, including carts, storage bins, pet homes, cones for road, and even big bins for industrial use. Molds used for rotational molding are also cheaper, and it is possible to achieve the right design as required, with the help of inserts. Especially when combined to the mold cost required in injection molding, rotational molding is economical choice for large-scale production.

Placing an order

You can consider rotational molding from Fibertech, which offers a wide range of products at the right price. What matters while selecting a manufacturer is their expertise and production capacity. You want to be sure that they would be able to handle your order in time. Check if the company has a role in recycling plastic products, because with the current planet concerns in mind, manufacturers have a big role in deciding how plastic is used and reused. It is also a good idea to get an estimate, just to understand the pricing. You can consider placing a small order first to know their production standards.

Check online now to find more on possibilities with rotational molding.

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