Some of The Different Types of Torque Wrenches Used for Different Jobs

You can find torque wrenches of different sizes and shape in the market. Many new ideas have been incorporated on this tool and these days you can find this tool in new designs. Each type of these wrenches is meant for certain specific job. Therefore, you need to choose the right tool for your particular application.

Following are few different varieties of such torque tools that you can use depending upon the type of work that you want to perform.

  • Electronic torque wrench

These torque wrenches can be programmed and their limits can be set and you can apply the torque within that limit. A strain gauge is used for sensing the torque which converts it into voltage signal and is measured and displayed with LED display. It uses a micro chip and memory and can be interfaced with computer so that you can use spreadsheets and document files.

  • Click wrench

This has been developed as socket wrench however it is little more sophisticated. By using a clutch mechanism, it is possible to preset the torque level and once the same level is achieved the clutch will slip, which is an indication that the required level has been achieved.

  • Beam wrench

This is another very basic and simple type of torque wrench. By using a lever arm the wrench head and handle are separated from each other. This lever arm will allow the torque wrench to bend slightly. There is an indicator in parallel with the arm when either the pressure is not applied or the torque wrench is not in use, once you apply the torque the scale will give necessary reading almost like any weight scale.

  • Plumber’s wrench

For handling various couplings on soil pipes, these plumber’s wrench has been specifically designed. Here too, T-shaped handle is provided which is similar to ratchet wrench, which has been pre-calibrated so that it will slip when the required level of torque strength is achieved.

  • Hydraulic torque wrench

In order to exert torque to any fastener, this hydraulic torque wrench has been designed. On the nut or bolt head, certain pressure is applied with a pre-calibrated torque to tighten them, and the lubrication is also necessary. Particularly it is quite useful in automobile industries.

  • Deflecting beam wrench

Here, instead of applying torque with coil spring method, it is applied to a deflecting beam and offers much higher accuracy and also much better safety when you are dealing with high level of torque pressure. As the required torque is achieved there is an audio sound.

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