Things to Look For when Hiring Collaborative and Innovative Candidates

When hiring people, you want to look for collaborative hires. Collaborative employees are innovators and hard workers who guarantee flexibility and agility amid a competitive environment. But, did you know that collaborative people can also be independent-minded mavericks? If you are looking to hire this kind of employees, you should look for these qualities during the resume vetting and interview process. To get meaningful help with your recruitment process, check out  Below are the things you should look for to make sure you find both collaborators and innovators.

A Story Line that Proves How they Blend Collaboration and Innovation

Collaborative and innovative candidates should be able to describe a technological or operational innovation they directed which improved the service or accelerates processes.  They should describe how they revolutionized perceptions to gain buy-in from disparate parties and bring their organization something better and bigger.

Ability to Share Credit where Shared Credit is Due

Collaborative candidates showcase their achievement stories in a way that they don’t just take credit for specific results but also share credit. They can pinpoint how their colleagues help in achieving their goals and producing outcomes of complex initiatives. While they instigate the overall change-effort, they can build a shared-credit environment.

Ability to Follow Through the Progress of their Initiatives

Innovators and disruptors try to lead the change and leave their organization to embark on their next journey. Thus, they will abandon their colleagues and let the latter do the implementations and daily operations after making the transformation. This kind of behavior is visible in their resumes. You can notice them jumping from one company to another. The best candidates should lead the transformation initiatives and follow through to a sustainable timeframe.

Previous Titles that Indicate Collaboration

Usually, previous job titles and descriptions talk about accountabilities in team-building collaboration and interaction. You want to determine if these achievements and roles align well with the position for which you are hiring and ensure the candidates can prove their ability to blend team collaboration with ingenuity.

You can expect collaborators who consistently show their collaborative potential will have many recommendations from colleagues, customers, and partners. A lot of people recognize their ability to work well together with other team members to produce positive and meaningful results. Find this proof in the spoken and writing word reference which shows the abilities of the candidate to demonstrate collaborative behavior even if they embark on disruptive initiatives.

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